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Index du forum > QUESTION DE COMMUNICATION > Why won't my S6 gallery videos play?

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Why won't my S6 gallery videos play?
Hi all,

Up to last night, the videos in my Gallery app worked fine. This morning, I again tried to watch some videos in my Gallery and found out that all videos no longer played. Youtube still works and photos are fine. But the videos themselves no longer work - whether it is a transferred file video or a video I took on my own camera.I already deleted the cache from all apps PLUS the wipe all cache data option. Also restarted my phone a few times but nothing seems to work.Also tried to access it via a USB cable on my laptop and the video files played on the computer so they're not corrupt.

Any advice??

I did not find the right solution from the internet.

Creative production studio


 le 12-05-2018 à 11:58:19