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Index du forum > QUESTION DE COMMUNICATION > The end of QuickTime PhotoJPEG??

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The end of QuickTime PhotoJPEG??
Hello all,

In the new Adobe CC, they announced that support of legacy QuickTime codecs will be discontinued in the upcoming version. "Support for import/export of legacy 32-bit QuickTime media will be discontinued in a future version of Premiere Pro. Transcode to a non-legacy format to continue using the media in Premiere Pro after legacy support has ended."now, the most common codec in all agencies is the very old QuickTime PhotoJPEG.We need a new codec that will be accepted across the board, since encoding to different codec for each site will be very time consuming...Can someone map the codecs accepted in each agancy today?

Please help.

I did not find the right solution from the internet.

Explainer Video Production Service

 le 15-05-2018 à 13:21:15