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Life Insurance

I had a life insurance policy that ended when I was 61 (3 years ago). At that time I purchased 3 term policies: a 10 year 150K, a 15 year 100K and a 20 year 100k. Total premiums are $1500/year for all 3 policies. My current net worth for both retirement and non-retirement accounts is just north of 2M (60% stock funds and 40% bonds funds). I turn 64 this year and have no health problems and plan to retire at 66. The house is all paid for, kids are grown and on their own, no outstanding debt. I feel my wife could live very well on what we have plus my SS benefits will be at least 36k per year. I see no reason to keep the term policies. I know the 1500/year is not a huge amount, but even considering the jinx factor, I see no reason to keep paying the premiums. I had thought about maybe keeping the 20 year 100k policy ($583/yr) but can't really find a good reason. Anything I'm missing?

Please help.

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