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Index du forum > QUESTION D'ASSURANCE > Health Insurance Problems

jack neeson jack
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Health Insurance Problems

I have a bad shoulder. It dislocates alot. I still engage in paragliding, but the other day I dislocated after launching while getting seated. When I landed I had a dude call an ambulance. Maybe I shouldn't fly but this topic is about another point. Health Insurance!I have really bad health insurance (USA). They look for every way to get out of paying claims even stuff that is in network. My health insurance company is HealthEZ and they suck. This is the exclusion they are claiming.The plan has the following exclusion:
(1) Hazardous Pursuit, Hobby or Activity. Of an injury or sickness that results from engaging in a
hazardous pursuit, hobby or activity. A pursuit, hobby or activity is hazardous if it involves or exposes an individual to risk of a degree or nature not customarily undertaken in the course of the Plan Participant?s customary occupation or if it involves leisure time activities commonly considered as involving unusual or exceptional risks, characterized by a constant threat of danger or risk of bodily harm [including but not limited to: hang gliding, skydiving, bungee jumping, parasailing, [use of all terrain vehicles], rock climbing, use of explosives, automobile, motorcycle, aircraft, or speed boat racing, reckless operation of a vehicle or other machinery, and travel to countries with advisory warnings]. This exclusion only applies when a plan participant has at least the possibility of being financially rewarded (including sponsorship) for the participation in the hazardous pursuit.Would any of you agree that the that since this is a hobby with out the chance of being financially rewarded it does not count?

Please help.

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 le 28-06-2018 à 12:13:22